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Colorado Trip 2022

Winter Park Ski-Music Festival 2022, Orchestra trip to Colorado!!

Our trip to Colorado was a BLAST!!!  Here are some picture highlights!
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Registration information (for posterity… it’s closed now!  Trip already happened!!!)
Two steps to register… Permission slip and deposit:
You can make payments or deposits on your account at www.charmsoffice.com – if your trip has not been added to your account, payment can be made to student miscellaneous ledger with a note to add to trip account.  If you prefer to send in cash or check to Opus, be sure it is clearly marked with student name and ID.
If the trip does not appear on your charms account and you have filled out your form, email opusvb@gmail.com to be added!

Orchestra Trip to Winter Park Ski-Music Festival, WINTER PARK, CO
March 23 to March 28, 2022
We are very excited about this amazing opportunity for our Orchestra Students to spend spring break of 2022 in Winter Park, Colorado to participate in their music festival.  Not only will the students perform, but all participants, parents and chaperons will have the opportunity to ski, snowboard, or participate in non-ski activities in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado.  More information will be posted on this website as we get more and more arranged!Please take a look at the information that was presented at our Information Meeting in June:Please check your CHARMS account for updated financial information once your deposit and registration has been processed.

Trip Insurance Information:

There is insurance that covers portions of the trip in the case of cancellation due to weather, transportation issues, etc… however, as we learned in 2020…  there are issues not covered by this type of insurance.  It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that each participant carry their own CANCEL FOR ANY REASON (CFAR) Insurance Policy.  Carefully read the requirements from each company to be sure that you understand what is covered, required, etc.

At this time, one site that is recommended is www.tripinsurance.com/
The two plans that looked best were the Nationwide Premier and US Fire Platinum.

Note:  This insurance must be purchased within 14 days of your initial deposit for the trip.

We will share the other insurance as soon as information is available!

For information, download the PDF that was shown as a slide show at the Parent Meeting.  For the permission form, print both sides and return with deposit to reserve.  To view the FULL VIDEO of the WPSMF, Click HERE:

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Recommended Packing Items:

Suggested Items Needed For Colorado Trip 2022

  • Glove Liners to be worn under mittens OR Lined Gloves – Make sure gloves are waterproof!
  • Long Sleeve Shirt for Under Layer – Moisture Wicking material, Thermal or Cotton.
  • Long Cotton or Fleece Lined Leggings for Under Layer
  • Long Sleeve Performance Fleece Pull Over or ½ Zip Up
  • Winter Jacket with Hood (3 in 1 pieces with liner, jacket and hood that removes in layers is best)
  • Warm Lined Knit Hat
  • Water Resistant Shoes or Boots – Scotchguard coating
  • 4-5 pairs of socks and sock liners.
  • Ski Goggles and/or polarized sunglasses
  • Moisturizer for hands and face, Chap Stick
  • 1-2 pair of Ski or nylon lined Pants – Waterproof outside
  • 4 T-shirts and Warm Pajamas
  • Slippers
  • Plenty of Underwear
  • Orchestra Uniforms with Shoes and accessories


Cost for the trip is currently estimated to be $1,450 per person and includes all travel, lodging, and meals (except during travel), and activities (including 4 days of skiing or non-ski activites).
We will be doing fundraising throughout September to December to offset the cost, including 3 car washes, 2 dinner and music fundraisers and more.If you are not already registered, please email Mr. Ballinger at opusvb@gmail.com to be added to the list or waiting list.


Monday – March 21
18:00  RehearsalTuesday – March 22
10:00 Rehearsal – Warm Up
11:00 Performance for Parents who aren’t going
11:30 Bag Check (Checked Bags for each student)Wednesday – March 23
4:45 Check in
5:00 Load Bus
5:25 Depart Oms
7:00 Arrive at MCO
Breakfast while Traveling
9:05 Flight Southwest WN1189 MCO-DEN
1:00 Arrivee at DEN
1:30 Pick up bags and load bus
Lunch while Traveling?
14:00 Depart for Snow Mountain Ranch/Winter Park
14:30 Possibly pick up instruments
16:00 Arrive at Snow Mountain Ranch
Check in to Cabins or go to Ski Shop
18:00 Ski Rental
19:00 Dinner
19:30 Rehearsal in Independence Cabin
20:30 BedtimeThursday – March 24
6:00 Wake up
6:30 Breakfast/Get Dressed
7:15 Load bus/Depart Cabin for Winter Park Base
7:50 North Bench Parking at WP Resort
8:00 Meet at Black and White Checkered Flag
8:30 Ski Lesson at Winter Park Ski Resort
16:00 Depart Resort Base
17:30 Dinner in Independence Cabin
Activities in the Rec Center
22:00 Return to Cabin
23:00 BedtimeFriday – March 25
7:00 Wake up
7:30 Breakfast/Get Dressed
8:00 Load bus/Depart Cabin for Winter Park Base
8:30 Winter Park Ski Resort
8:30 Ski/Snowboard/Activities
12:30 Meet at Bus to return to SMR
13:00 Depart Resort Base
14:00 Dress for Performance
14:45 Load Bus for Performance Departure
15:00 Depart for Middle Park High School
16:00 Warm Up
16:30 Performance
17:30 Return to SMR
18:00 Dinner at SMR
22:00 Return to Cabin
23:00 BedtimeSaturday – March 26
7:00 Wake up
7:15 Breakfast/Get Dressed
7:45 Load bus/Depart Cabin for Winter Park Base
8:15 Winter Park Ski Resort
8:30 Ski/Snowboard/Activities
16:00 Depart Resort Base
17:30 Dinner Downtown Winter Park
21:00 Return to Cabin/Pack Luggage
23:00 BedtimeSunday – March 27
7:00 Wake up
7:15 Breakfast/Get Dressed
7:45 Load bus/Depart Cabin for Winter Park Base
8:15 Winter Park Ski Resort
8:30 Ski/Snowboard/Activities
16:00 Depart Resort Base
17:00 Ski and Snowboard Rental Returns
17:30 Dinner in Independence Cabin
Activities in the Rec Center ?
22:00 Return to Cabin, Pack Bags
23:00 BedtimeMonday – March 28
6:00 Wake Up Calls
6:30 Breakfast
7:45 Load Bus
8:00 Depart Winter Park
9:30 Red Rocks
11:30 Depart, drop instruments off
12:00 Drop off instruments
14:30 Arrive at DEN
16:45 Southwest Flight WN841
22:10 Arrive at MCO
23:00 Depart MCO – return to Vero Beach
0:30 Arrive at Oslo Middle School

Group Chaperone Contact – Please ask your child who their assigned chaperons are.  For security, student names and group assignments are not being published online.  Thank you! 

Ballinger, Richard  (Phone Number during trip provided here)

Do you have questions about the trip that need answers?  Please type them here!

Have Any Question?

For more information please contact us: