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Orchestra Parents United in Support

OPUS – is a parent board 501c3 booster organization that functions to fundraise and organize activities and events on behalf of the Oslo and Storm Grove Middle School Orchestra.  We are proud to be serving Indian River County public school education by way of the performing arts and we believe that this makes an impact on the quality of our student’s scholastic and holistic wellbeing.

Since its inception in 2012 it has assisted more than 1,500 students and their families.  Many alumni from these programs have gone on to achieve scholarships and university degrees while still actively performing their craft as string musicians.  We applaud their dedication and are thrilled to see how the performing arts have played a role in defining the great young men and women they have become today.



Orchestra Director and President of OPUS: Organizes all musical development of students, classes, and concert programming. He will organize and call OPUS meetings when deemed necessary. In other countries known as el Presidente, Maestro, or Lord of the Strings.

Parent OPUS

OPUS: Orchestra Parents United in Support Welcome to our officially incorporated Orchestra Boosters organization! We are now functioning in support of our orchestra programs at…

OPUS Memberships

OPUS Memberships help fundraise: * Instrument-specific coaching for students * Purchases sheet music for study and performance * Upgrades of strings, bows, and/or other needed…
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    Photocopy materials, help with packets,


    Contact stores, events, etc. for the students’ to play for their accounts and/or community service throughout the year Assist with invitations to Team Retreat potlucks, end of the year banquet, decorations, and Contribute baked goods, coordinate refreshments for orchestra rehearsals, events, class parties and trips.


    Assists in organizing the music library and getting volunteers when needed


    Assist with pre-sales and sales of concert recordings, t-shirts and gear at all events where the OMS Orchestras are represented.


    Assist with the solicitation of ads and coordinate timely delivery of artwork to the concert program designer.  Assist with collection of information, design, printing and delivery of concert programs.


    Assists the Director in overseeing the making of concert DVD's and/or audio recordings of festivals, FOA solo and ensembles or MPA's.


    Assist in the organizing of parent volunteers who can handle intense situations in a courteous manner while being well equipped with walkie talkies and excellent communication skills in the event of a sudden emergency- due to illness, accident or threat to the safety of the concert/event.


    Help set-up the volunteers needed to measure, receive payment, etc. for the uniforms, as well as the return of uniforms for preparation for the new school year .


    Assist with calendar and email communications sent directly from CHARMS. Provide pertinent information to various committees including volunteer and chaperone sign-ups.