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Solo & Ensemble MPA

Solo & Ensemble Music Performance Assessment – October 27, 2018 at Indian River Charter High School

Specific times will be assigned

When the Schedule is available, it will be posted here:

The schedule will be released in early October

Students will prepare a director approved solo piece of at least one movement and/or an ensemble piece.  Performances must be prepared in advance and performed for an adjudicator, who will provide valuable feedback and assign a rating or comments.  (Superior, Excellent, Good, Fair or Poor).  Superior with Distinction may be assigned to a truly exceptional performance that is memorized.  All solos that have piano accompaniment must be performed with an accompanist.  We recommend the accompanists listed below.  Highly recommended for all advanced students, REQUIRED for all Chamber Orchestra Students.

Student Check List:
Check with Mr. Ballinger for composition approval
Memorize your piece if you would like to go for Superior with Distinction
YOU must provide the adjudicator with an original part of your music (NO photocopies) and your measures numbered.  You must also have original music (NO photocopies) for your performance.  If you do not, you risk either getting no rating or being disqualified.

ACCOMPANIST: (You are responsible for contacting and payment of your accompanist)

JACOB CRAIG – Phone:  772-696-2546  Email:  jcraigpiano1@gmail.com
RYAN HOSTLER: 813-503-9820  Email: rkhostler@gmail.com
KAREN WIGGINS – Phone:  772-633-1993  Email:  Karen.wiggins@indianriverschools.org
Joann Knott: 772-913-1010
Suzy Reiser: 772-564-3343
(If other accompanists become available, their contact information will be added)

Solo & Ensemble Music Performance Assessment (MPA) is a valuable experience for every orchestra student.

Music Requirements for Solo & Ensemble MPA

A. The choice of music is at the discretion of each Director and does not need to be taken from any set list at this time.  A suggested list can be found  on the MPA page at

B. Solo and Ensemble literature should be of a caliber appropriate to the level of the student performing, and to the formality of the event. Broadway show tunes, Disney songs, or movie themes are not acceptable for an event of this type, and will result in an entry being disqualified.

C. Solo or Ensemble music should be less than 8 minutes in length. If the music selectedis longer, directors are expected to make appropriate cuts in the music. If cuts are not made the adjudicator will stop the performance.

D. Photocopied scores/parts are not permissible unless the director has received in writing a letter from the Publisher (not a vendor) giving permission to photocopy the score for that dated event. Directors must provide a copy of the letter for the judge. Failure to provide written notification from the publisher will result in disqualification of the event.

E. For Solo performance there are to be three (3) original copies of the music in the performance room, one original each for the judge, accompanist, and performer.

F. All measures are to be numbered on the judges’ music, as well as the performer’s music. Failure to provide numbered music for the judge will result in disqualification of the event.

G. All Solos must be performed with accompaniment if one is written. Pre-recorded accompaniments are allowed. However, it is up to that director to provide the

necessary equipment.

H. The maximum number of participants in an ensemble is 11 members.

I. Full ensemble scores, if published, must be provided to the judge with all measures numbered. If there is no published score then each original part must be provided for the judge.

J. Ensembles with six (6) or more members may be conducted by their director.

K. All ensembles must be complete as scored.

L. Orchestra music used for ensemble performance may not be performed by that school’s orchestra in the same year for a Concert MPA.

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